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Mastervit Case (4 Bottles x 480ml)


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Mastervit – Multivitamin with an herbal extract

Mastervit is a source of essential vitamins for the maintenance of good health. Supplementing the diet with a daily vitamin intake helps to keep our bodies functioning  properly.

From a combination of vitamins and plant extracts, we have created a unique tool to help support physical and psychological well-being. The nutrients in Mastervit help maintain the function of the immunity system and to sustain a feeling of energy. Your body will achieve an adequate amount of antioxidants which will help protect you from free radicals. By safeguarding the diet with Mastervit the body will begin to feel revitalised and be able to keep fatigue at bay.

Produced in Canada. The liquid dietary supplement works with herbal and vitamin prevention. It is designed for daily use and mainly due to the B-complex is a significant help in maintaining the correct function of all the organs in the human body.

The Herbs in Mastervit and their Properties

Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea)
–    Has a positive effect on the immune system, by activation of white blood cells.
–    It can increase the production of interferon, which is an important part of the body defence against viral infection. Over the past 50 years this has gained worldwide recognition for its antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Milkvetch (Astragalus canadensis)
–    it aids the resistance to mental and physical stress.
–    Traditional Chinese medicine uses the herb to combat night sweats, fatigue, weakness, reluctance to eat and also against diarrhoea.

Milk thistle (Silybum marianum)
–    Dry fruits which contain a complex of flavours and medicinal properties which include  a strong antioxidant.

The Vitamins in Mastervit and their properties


cz/vitaminy/mastervit/c C( ascorbic acid, 100mg)
Activation of cells, wound healing, development and reconstruction of bones, teeth, cartilage and blood vessels, strengthens immunity.
cz/vitaminy/mastervit/b3 B3 (niacin, 25 mg)
Is essential for the formation of sex hormones, for brain activity and to maintain the nervous system. Lowers high blood pressure, relives migraines, aids digestion. 
cz/vitaminy/mastervit/b2 B2 (riboflavin, 10 mg)
Is important for the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, promotes growth, protects against cancer, and strengthens eyesight

cz/vitaminy/mastervit/b5 B5 (pantothenic acid, 10 mg)
Helps to control the metabolism of fat, is also important in transmitting nerve impulses, in strengthening the immune system, and in maintaining the quality of the hair and skin, in reducing stress, and in the protection of the blood vessels.
cz/vitaminy/mastervit/b6 B6 (pyridoxine, 10 mg)
Regulates the metabolism of protein and fat, boosts immunity, reduces complications during menopause, treating symptoms of diabetes, protects against cancer. 
cz/vitaminy/mastervit/b1 B1 (thiamine, 7 mg)
Has an important role in sugar metabolism, is essential for nervous system function, provides blood circulation and helps with the treatment of heart disease.
cz/vitaminy/mastervit/b9 B9 (folic acid, 200 µg)
Is essential in the formation of blood cells, prevents degenerative diseases, relieves pain
cz/vitaminy/mastervit/h H (biotin, 150 µg)
is important for the metabolism of fats and proteins, affecting the quality of the skin, reduces hair loss and greying.
cz/vitaminy/mastervit/b12 B12 ( cyanocabalamin 25 µg)
For the development and operation of the nervous system, for better concentration and memory and against allergens and toxins.
cz/vitaminy/mastervit/a A (retinol, 450 µg)
promotes the growth and regeneration of bone, teeth, hair and skin, the mucous membranes of eyes, mouth, digestive and respiratory tract and genital organs, heals wounds, strengthens the immune system, ensures the production of sperm and a normal menstrual cycle. 
cz/vitaminy/mastervit/e E (tocopherol, 50 mg)
As an effect on fertility and potency, supports the gonads. Strengthens immunity, is an effective antioxidant, lowers blood pressure, takes part in the recovery and growth of muscle and other tissues.


What did doctors say about this product?


“All the vitamins which were used belong to a group of antioxidant which protects cells from damage by free radicals. A complete range of B vitamins and vitamin H stimulates the nervous system.  Another aim was to defend against stress. It also supports the function of the heart, the digestive system, the production of hormones and the process of metabolism. The overall result is a faster processing of all the essential nutrients. This indicates that the right combination of vitamins and herbs are contained in Mastervit.
In addition, we added the tonic harmonization Alveo and multi Onyx Plus to complete a full range in which the individual products complement and optimize the function of all three products. ”
Dr. Sohrab Khoshbin,, Ph.D.,

“ The herbs in Mastevi help to improve the utilization of vitamins. In combination with Alveo and Onyx Plus they also help with the drainage of intercellular spaces. The combination of vitamins and herbal extracts is an advantage. The herbal properties enable the optimal use of vitamins according to the needs of every person. It is a unique product that can benefit the whole family. “

Dr. Jaromír Bertlík, N.D.