Pinky Case (4 Bottles x 480ml)
January 20, 2016
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ALVEO CASE 4 Bottles x 950ml(136 Days Supply*)


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Alveo is an herbal drink containing a refined combination of herbs.


This high quality botanical product belongs to the category of natural health products.

• Alveo is a high quality self-care product.
• As a liquid source of botanical ingredients, Alveo is easily absorbed.
• Alveo is highly recommended by Naturopathic practitioners for individuals with high levels of activity.
• Alveo is cholesterol and trans fat free and every batch of production is microbiologically analysed.
• Alveo is manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001:2000 certified facility.
Alveo – in Latin it means “To Be Well”
• A joining of Traditional Chinese and modern medicine
• A balanced formulation to meet our needs from today’s demands

It is manufactured in Canada.

– a superior blend of 24 herbs
– made only from the highest quality botanical extract and free from all chemicals and alcohol.

It is available in two flavours
– the juice from the red grapes helps in the absorption of minerals. It is also pleasant tasting and therefore popular with families.
Alveo MINT – peppermint is renowned for its refreshing taste and it is sugar free. In contrast to Alveo Grape it does not contain honey.

• Brings balance and harmony to the systems within the body
• A complete nutritional supplement containing many of the components missing in our normal everyday diet
• It is a guarantee to strong and long lasting health.
• It is completely safe and without any adverse side effects.
• It saves our bodies from wear and tear.

Guarantee of quality
• Rigorous standardized national testing
• Advisory team of doctors in association with Akuna
• Akuna guarantees the quality of every bottle

The extraction of herbs in Alveo can
• Supports function of the immune system
• Supports the maintenance of a healthy heart
• Supports the digestive system
• Supports the intestinal micro flora and functions of the liver and gall bladder
• Supports vitality, healthy, active lifestyle and wellness
• Maintaining joint flexibility and comfort

Daily Use
It is recommended to take one to two ounces (28–56 ml) daily,
preferably half an hour before a meal.
Alveo is designed to be used daily.

*1 Bottle supply for ~34 days x 28ml

What the experts say about ALVEO


“Alveo represents a unique combination of ingredients that are in complete harmony and balance with each other.  One can readily see the outstanding qualities of this superior product when one considers the combined mutual benefits, as well as the broad spectrum of specific individual effects yielded from each component, all working towards the protection and support of the entire human body.”

Dr. J. Kovacova, Internist

“Today, people don’t have good dietary habits; they eat a lot of fast food that not only lacks proper nutritional value but may cause many digestive problems. As a digestive drink, Alveo has a unique ability to have beneficial effects on the digestive system.“

Dr. O. Kosta, Family Physician

“I also believe that everyone should take responsibility for his/her health and try as much as possible to stop disease from developing. Alveo is an ideal herbal product as for instance in support of inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.“

Dr. J. Bertlik, Naturopath